Welcome to Pappadams, the new ‘authentic’ Indian resto in Reading. At Pappadams, we take Indian food to a whole new ‘super’ level. We do this by fusing our traditional aesthetic cooking with good attributes like honesty and passion. We commit ourselves to introduce a fresh loom to the ‘Indian Curry’ by constantly challenging and developing our tastes along with excellent hygienic standards. From an eclectic array of dishes like Prawn Olathiyathu, Lamb hyderabadi, Chicken saagwala and Goan fish curry the menu spans across the horizons of the Indian subcontinent. We are in a process of making ‘Pappadams’ a hallmark culinary firmament in Reading and we can do that with your love and support for good food. Please come and join us for a culinary festival.


From the aromatic spices and ingredients we use for cooking to the purity in our service to a guest (Athithi Devo Bhava – A famous Indian philosophy), India is the inspiration behind our restaurant. Pappadams is established by two friends who have worked for the best names in the restaurant industry. Hailing from a small Indian state named ‘ Kerala’, they have worked hard for more than 15 years in the food industry. With Rijo’s honestly palatable food and Robby’s convivially compassionate service, you will rejoice the ‘Pappadams’ awesomeness.

Culinary Events

Food festival in Reading

Onamsadhya 2015 – 30 different keralite dishes served in a banana leaf to celebrate the auspicious festival

Food Ratings

With more than 100 reviews from customers, we have been going strong at 4.5 out of 5 on Trip Advisor ratings. We are constantly being rated 4 or 5out of 5 for our food and services on trip advisor, google ratings and foursquare websites.

Pappadams & Promotions

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